It¡¯s fiesta time and we¡¯re celebrating motherhood and all that comes with it! Literally translated, ¡°Salsa¡± is the Spanish word for ¡°Sauce¡±. Like a spicy sauce, the recipe for Salsa music is a blend of various musical and cultural genres. Similarly, Salsa Babies? brings together women of varied backgrounds, each experiencing motherhood in her own unique way. Moms are encouraged to feel strong, sexy and beautiful on the inside and out. As a result, our classes offer a special flavor and richness unlike any other.

Our mission is to provide a unique and enjoyable dance experience to new mothers and their babies in a safe, welcoming, and baby-friendly environment. We strive to offer high-quality, affordable programs and to form lasting, positive relationships in our communities. We also like to have a good time! Moms will feel energized and reminded about the importance of getting out, having fun, meeting friends, all the while bonding with baby and working out. We look forward to dancing with you!

Our adult classes take you from BELLY to BABY and back to

being a BABE again in no time, while our TODDLER and KIDS

programs keep little ones coming back for more!
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