About Us
Icon Projects Ltd (GDZRJS) is a multi-disciplinary design, management and construction firm focusing on all aspects of commercial projects. Our projects range in scope from the architectural through interiors to graphic design.
The common thread in our projects is that they are rooted in understanding and focusing every details of the client¡¯s priorities, needs, plans and strategies. With our extensive experience and database in China and Asia-Pacific region, we create solutions for our projects and deliver to achieve specific business mandates and aesthetical pleasing in additional to our project¡¯s objectives. We believe investment from our global clients deserves creditable successes and returns coupled with refine services.
All our management and senior design staff mainly consist of foreign and local architects or consultants with substantial experience. With these talents, they practice innovation designs, efficiently manage and delivery projects. This also facilitates progressive modern management
methods and the use of the latest technology throughout our 12
  strategic offices. Among the offices, we were named and awarded among China¡¯s Top 500 Corporations.
  At Icon Projects, we manage and deliver all projects with our pool of international and local team, we have learn and know the factors to enhance, achieve and deliver quality projects. Icon Projects is always strict and careful in selecting partners we work with and also in selecting value added products or materials. Also strictly practicing codes of ethnics, we are do not accept commissions or incentives for specifying products, materials or vendors.
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