Memorabilia of the Transplantation Center

August 2000, First case of successful clinical live transplantation;
November 2000, First successful two simultaneous liver transplant;
June 2001, First successful liver transplant for a foreigner;
October 2001,Foundation of the Organ Transplantation Center Beijing University Third Hospital;
November 2001, First successful liver re-transplant in Beijing City;
February 2002, First successful simultaneous liver transplant, kidney transplant, combined kidney-pancreas transplant for three patients respectively from one donor;
September 2002, First liver transplant club in China founded in Third Hospital Beijing University;
September 2002, the second liver re-transplant patient recovered uneventfully and checked-out;
December 2002, Four consecutive liver transplants in a week, highest record in Beijing;
March 2003, Lowest expense (about $20,000) for liver transplant, all-time low in our center;
March 2003, A HCC patient with inferior vena cava and right atrium thrombosis undergone successful liver transplant and simultaneous open-heart embolectomy. The patient checked-out 60 days after the operation, which was a world record confirmed by Pubmed retrieval.
April 2003, a liver failure patient with simultaneous heart, lung, kidney, brain and digestive tract malfunction undergone successful liver transplant and recovered uneventfully which was considered as a miracle.( According to articles, mortality for patients with triple organs failure is nearly 100 percent).
December 24, 2003, Another foreigner checked-out of our center. And it was the fourteenth day after the operation. Liver transplant is considered by most as the most complicated, traumatic operation with long-lasting recovery process, lots of patients are afraid to accept such kind of operation. As confirmed by practice, when the technique of the operation reached certain level, the recovery process after the operation could be as uneventful as routine operation. And it was also the demonstration of the success for our center to try to further deduce the influence of the operation on the patients, economically, physiologically and psychologically.