Club purpose
1. Liver Transplantation universal knowledge.
Because liver transplantation in China in late universal, therefore, the general population or even non-surgical professional medical staff stranger than the liver transplant, liver transplant Club is the main purpose of the club is that through the activities of the officers in the community publicity liver transplantation the relevant knowledge, increase liver transplantation to popularize the knowledge of the extent to suffer from liver disease patients and their families and work better understanding of liver transplantation work in progress at home and abroad, and help patients choose the reasonable treatment of liver diseases, improve liver effect of the treatment of patients with diseases for the benefit of patients with liver disease, the benefit to the society.
2. Promote liver transplantation work carried out in China.
And hopes that through club activities and liver transplantation and the efforts of personnel of their respective influence, and promote all aspects of liver transplantation work carried out in China, including: liver transplantation relevant laws and regulations to promote the establishment of initiatives undertaken in the medical unit of liver transplantation established organizational forms suited to China's national conditions, and promote liver transplantation for the Coordination of a national organization established to promote liver transplantation will be gradually incorporated into national reasonable directory of public health services, reduce the burden on patients.
3. Strengthen liver transplant patients and between patients and staff exchanges between.
Club liver transplantation for liver patients to provide a forum to exchange, through the mutual exchanges between patients and increase the friendship between the patients, and to exchange information and help each other solve liver transplant patients living in the difficulties encountered. Patients and their families through the work of the liver transplantation feedback, so that medical staff can more direct understanding of the needs of patients, and in the subsequent work of continuous improvement, and better serve the patients.
4. Patients after liver transplantation solve recurring problems.
Club activities through liver transplantation, the collective answer liver transplant patients after surgery often encounter problems, and enhance the patient's quality of life and alleviate the psychological pressure of the patients, liver transplant patients increase the confidence to overcome the disease, and actively encourage patients to participate in normal social life, to make positive contributions to society.
5. However, the need has been no increase in liver transplant patients the confidence to overcome the disease.
Yet to be invited to the liver transplant patients are participating in the club's activities and through them and liver transplant patients after the direct exchanges, increase liver disease patients the confidence to overcome the disease, and help them early resumption of health, for our economic development, adding a strength.
6. Increase and liver diseases related to the exchange of all health care professionals to enhance the therapeutic effect of liver disease.
Because liver transplantation is an interdisciplinary project, a non-person, one to be completed by the work, therefore, the club invited the diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases and the various health care professionals who participate in and welcome to join. This can be encountered on the issues that patients specialized solutions and improve the level of treatment. At the same time, provide a mutual exchange and learn from the professional opportunities and venues to communicate with each other, enhance the country's overall treatment of liver diseases level.