Club forms
Through communication, fax, Internet, e-mail, telephone and direct way to the hospital, and so apply to join the club.


Liver transplantation in the founding meeting of the club on September 6, 2002 at the Beijing Jiuhuashanpeng held formal establishment of the club was established and held its first activities, including: September 6 11:00 am All participants ride to lunch guesthouses
2 hour lunch break
September 6 2:30 pm School of the leading speech that liver transplant patients Club officially established.
9 about 2:40 pm on the 6th liver transplantation knowledge of popular science lectures

History of liver transplantation at home and abroad and the status quo
Liver transplant indications and timing
Immunity transplant after liver transplantation for treatment of liver transplantation FAQ
Compatibility after liver transplantation drug problem
Psychological problems after liver transplantation
Various indicators of liver function tests significance
September 6 pm Dinner

Leisure activities: chess, licensing, swimming, ten-pin bowling.

September 7 morning, the conclusion of the event, patients and their families Leaves