A warmth and a strong people person

May 14, 2005 and 15 by the Organ Transplant Center, Peking University, Peking University Third Hospital general surgeon founder of China's first liver transplant at Peking University Third Hospital, the club held its second session liver transplantation club activities. Hospital since August 2000 began the first liver transplant, and now has nearly 200 patients with end-stage liver disease was a newborn. Doctor-patient communication in order to strengthen and improve the quality of life of patients, I am in the hospital on September 8, 2002 founded the country's first liver transplant Club. And in 2002 hosted the first session of liver transplantation club activities.
May 14, from more than 30 Tiannahaibei liver transplant patients returned to the hospital brought their families to participate in club activities. Morning, the physician group for liver transplant patients with a body check, and radiology and laboratory with the assistance of a B-ultrasound and blood tests. Afternoon, the physician group for liver transplant patients after liver transplantation has the best long-term talks. Zhang, director of general surgery with the talks chaired by Professor Lin liver transplantation club activities, has the strong support of House leadership, access to the patient's acclaim. Three years after liver transplantation patients **** said: "through participation in club activities, we not only solve the practical problems and, in this special family, we deeply feel that doctors and patients will always be one person, always summon up the resolve to enable us greater confidence in its future. "

Xiu Code Rongzhulin physicians hepatitis B after liver transplantation prevention
Shi-Bing Song, director of liver transplantation physician rational use of immunosuppressants
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Dr. Wang Changming bone disease after liver transplantation
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Yang Xiaoxia Zhuguanhushi follow-up of patients after liver transplantation