Held its third general surgical liver transplantation Club activities


   October 27, held its third general surgery liver transplantation Club exchange activities. From Beijing, Shandong, Yunnan, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Heihe and about 70 liver transplant recipients and their families took part in the activities.

   During the Scriptures and general surgery and 302 hospitals Rongzhulin defend Lee, director of the liver transplantation in the treatment of advanced liver disease and the status of progress in a keynote speech, and Professor Lin and Zhang together with the answers to questions raised by patients, patients The next step for a specific guidance. Beijing University Professor Zhang Dai six homes experts at the patient, cordial and a number of patients on the psychological aspects of counselling so that the majority of patients further enhancing the return to society and contribute to the community's confidence. The warm atmosphere, Bingyoumen of the event given a high appraisal, made many useful recommendations.

   Code Rongzhulin repair, liver transplantation is the club for the better in general surgery in liver transplantation and the establishment of a working platform. This platform to fully exchange between doctors and patients, related to liver transplantation and to popularize the knowledge of the postoperative follow-up of patients, so as to achieve better services for patients, and promote the development of the cause of liver transplantation.