Adults and children-donor liver transplants have been successful in Beiyisanyuan

    Happiness small "rumble" (maintenance) will be discharged! Watching fat, lovable and lively little guy, ward staff have brought about many Reluctantto ward Corner small guy - the smooth discharge of small rumble, and also shows that children in our hospital living donor liver transplantation has been successful. This is the successful completion of our hospital in adult-to-adult liver transplantation in the pro-organ transplant in a further significant progress.

    Small rumble unfortunate is that the 9-year-old, he repeatedly because of abnormal liver function was diagnosed with "Wilson's disease, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis." Liver degeneration (Wilson disease) is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder of copper metabolism diseases. Copper Metabolism barriers that exist from birth, at the age of 5 ~ 10 intrahepatic copper saturated, a few years later there will be cirrhosis and affect the development of the nervous system, in the corresponding clinical symptoms. Thus, the rumbling started from a very young age are taken several times daily drive copper and Baogan drugs, because long-term medication, the side effects of some drugs started to become apparent. As he prematurely than small partners to withstand a lot of pain and discomfort, enabled him to speak, act more sensible than the same age children, more»«»ňLingai.

???? But small rumble is lucky. First, as a general hospital, technically, I have a liver transplant hospital nearly six years, regardless of the surgical technique, or perioperative management have been very mature, and forming a system of another far a year ago, Liver Transplantation professional doctors started on the pro-donor liver transplantation for specific learning, such as details on the operation to conduct a comprehensive drill, which is pro-donor liver transplantation can be successfully completed a powerful guarantee Secondly, the rumbling of the mother, we again witness to the great maternal love ! She selflessly left their healthy liver to his beloved son, has made a second rumble to life.

     April 28, 2007, the day the rumbling of the hospital is an important day. Rumbling in the morning and my mother has entered the operating room. In the mother-and-son duo of the total amount of bleeding 200 ml However, none of the mother-and-son duo blood transfusion. During the nine hours of surgery to very smoothly. After a good recovery, the rumbling back to the second day after the general wards. No. 3 days eating, and five days later that get out of bed, liver function has been gradually returning to normal. 10 days after cessation of all transfusion, the uprooting of the drainage tube and resume normal activities and diet, smooth spent postoperative recovery.

     Liver transplantation is that many end-stage liver disease and liver disease in patients with congenital the only effective treatment. However, the donor shortage is a worldwide problem. It is pro-donor liver transplantation in the context of this development, in a technically mature. Technically speaking, the mortality rate for only 1 °Ž, but by the highest five-year survival rate of more than 90% can be achieved, in some cases, treatment is better than the cadaveric liver transplantation.