centre of the success of transplant patients without blood transfusion

     Did you know? -- Liver transplantation in patients with liver cirrhosis or may not transfusion!

     Liver transplantation is a major operation, intraoperative and postoperative complications that may occur many. Liver transplantation in patients with massive bleeding, postoperative complication rate also increased significantly. Therefore, to minimize blood loss during liver transplantation has become the consensus of the surgeon. In recent years, I centre of the successful cases of liver cancer patients without blood transfusion purposes of liver transplantation, and have achieved good results. Recently, I centre on the existing basis has been further breakthroughs: the successful case for the implementation of advanced patients with cirrhosis of liver transplantation without blood transfusion. Advanced poor liver function in patients with liver cirrhosis, blood coagulation severely damaged, and bleeding beyond our control, so easy bleeding than patients with hepatocellular carcinoma. I preoperative Center physicians through elaborate preparations, the fine for operating strictly bleeding, and the operating room physician anesthesiologists close collaboration, in patients with almost no loss of blood, and did not need blood transfusion, the successful completion of surgery, and the operative time was significantly shorter. Patients resume soon, has recovered and been discharged. Liver transplants may not blood transfusion - this is a good news for patients with liver cirrhosis, at the same time indicates that the liver transplant centre standard to a new level. (Wang Hong Kong Correspondent)