New accomplishment of liver transplantation in the year of 2005

    Due to the efforts of all the doctors and the nurses, liver transplantation accomplished much more in our center in the year 2005. Nearly 70 cases finished. But the most important was the further improved successful rate of such operation. No intra-operative death in 2005. The rate of operational complications decreased again. The kind of severe intra-, peri-operational complications, such as massive hemorrhage, etc, disappeared. Among the 70 cases, 2 successful retransplantation cases were included. The two patients now has gone back to normal lives. Besides, more mature experience was gained for the difficult conditions in liver transplantation, such as diffused porto-mesenterial thrombosis. Portal vein thrombectomy, venous graft jump reconstruction, porto-caval hemi-transposition were successfully introduced.
The post-operational management and follow-up system was further perfected. After the operation, in the ICU department, every patient had at least one transplant special doctor for bedside 24-hour management. And, every patient had at least one special doctor for life-long follow-up.
All the measures above ensured on the one hand the best results of the operation, on the other hand, the decreasing of the expenses. The averaged ICU time in 2005 was about 48 hours. And the averaged expenses was only about 220,000 RMB Yuan. It was very good alleviation of the patients' medical burden. (2006-2-9)