2 nd Successful Porto-caval Semitransposition Liver Transplantation

    On Nov 18, 2005, the second porto-caval semitransposition liver transplant patient discharged with satisfying results. The patient is a female; about one and a half years ago she was undergone splenectomy and mesenteric vena cava bypass operation because of repeated upper digestive tract hemorrhage. But the liver function deteriorated rapidly after the operation, liver failure and hepatic encephalopathy occurred in just few weeks. The patient's general condition was really poor before the operation; she had large volume of ascite, coagulopathy, and frequent encephalopathy. Liver transplantation was the only choice to save her life. Unfortunately, by MRI exam of the liver vessels before the operation, her portal system had cavernous degeneration, no blood flow at all. To resume the blood supply of the portal vein, porto-caval semitransposition is the only choice. It is difficult to do such kind of transplantation, only few cases were reported in the literature throughout world. 3 years ago, we completed one case successfully. Based on the formal experience, the liver transplant team advanced despite the difficulties, completed the operation uneventfully. The post-transplant course of the patient was also uneventful. 6 weeks after the operation, the patient discharged happily with her family. It is a real proof again of the advanced technique of our center to handle complicated liver transplant cases.