6 advanced liver cancer patients get along with their family for four years after the transplant

    The diagnosis of advanced liver cancer did not certainly mean death-6 advanced liver cancer patients get along with their family four years after the transplant
°°°° In our country, the incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma is relatively high, but the rate of excision is very low. Most of the patients were complicated with hepatitis and cirrhosis when HCC was founded. This limited the rate and the range of hepatectomy. Some patients would suffer from lethally liver failure after the operation. For long-term period, all routine medicine measures were helpless for these patients. For them, once the diagnosis of HCC was confirmed, it equaled to the declaration of death, and the prognosis was really pessimistic. The development of science technology and the advancement of medicine bring hope to these patients. By liver transplantation, the patients accept a well healthy liver, it not only avoids the possible threat of liver failure after hepatectomy, but also completely gets rid of the exactly etiology of disease-completely remove of sick liver, radical treatment of cancer. At the same time, liver transplant also cures hepatitis and cirrhosis. In our center, there are 6 advanced HCC patients undergone liver transplantation 4 years ago, and they are still alive wealthy without any sign of recurrence or metastasis. The result is really leading in China. Considering these patients, they not only reclaim their lives, but the most important is that they regained their confidence of living and the improved quality of life. Some of them even went back to their work to continue fulfill their valuation in the society. They agreed that it's liver transplantation that draw back them from the hands Azrael, and it's Beijing University Third Hospital that gave them the second chance of living. £®reporter Dr. Ma Chaolai£©