consummate technique¨Doperational time 5.5 hours for liver transplant in our center

Liver transplant is the most complicated operation in general surgery. Because of the severe condition of the patients, the intricate operation procedures, and the operational difficulties, it usually costs lots of time to finish a case. Generally, the time for the operation is about 9~10 hours. The relative long duration of the operation means the greater trauma for the patients, the higher incidence of complications, and the slow rate of recovery process. To deduce the operational duration, decrease the hit of operation on the patients, is the well goal of liver transplant surgeon. Its pre-condition is the proficiency of the operation skills. Since the first case of liver transplant in August 2000, by four years endeavor, we now have a stable special team for transplant. The experience of almost 200 cases transplant helped the special doctors in the team master the elaborate skills thoroughly, time cost decreased as the result. Currently, the time cost for liver transplant in our center is averaged about 7 hours compared 10 hours before. And the shortest time was 5.5 hours. The successful rate of operation is almost 100%. We will still to further improve our level of treatment and to supply much more qualified service for all the patients. £¨reporter Dr. Bai Yang£©