Follow-up system established in Beijing University Third Hospital

     With the development of liver transplantation, the success rate of liver transplant in our center has approached the international level. It is more and more important to prevent medium-, and long-term complications after the operation, to improve the living quality, and to prolong survival time of the patients. The center has been emphasizing on improving the living quality of the OLT patients since the beginning of the operation, the system of follow-up was completed recently and would be further enriched in future. Suggestions were welcomed all the time.
1 Keep expedite hot-line 24 hours: daytime, 010-62010334, nighttime, 13701183061.
2 Transplant Professors on line 24 hours: Prof. Xiu, 13701080921; Prof. Song, 13701339465.
3 Active follow-up system: By phone, once a week;
4 Convenient and time-saving recheck-up system: telephone reservation available (hot-line, as clarified in clause 1), transplant doctors on duty everyday, ward bed reservation available, special nurse (coordinator) on duty 24 hours.