No blood transfusion for liver transplant


No blood transfusion for liver transplant!-really
Liver transplant is really a major operation with great trauma and high possibility of complications intra- and post- operation. The possibility increases with the amount of blood loss in the operation. Therefore, to decrease blood loss in the operation for the good result of the transplant is the common opinion of liver transplant doctors. We performed dozens of no-blood-transfusion liver transplant for HCC patients these years, and achieved very good results. Lately, we made break through to transfusion no blood in the transplant for advanced cirrhotic patients. Patients with advanced cirrhosis were usually complicated with poor liver function and poor coagulation function, therefore inclined to massive hemorrhage in the operation. It was great challenge for the doctors to successfully manage the situation. By elaborate preparation pre-operational, fine operation, and the good cooperation of anaesthetist, we completed the transplants without a drop of blood of transfusion. The patients had very rapid recovery after the operation and had checked out eventfully. No blood transfusion for liver transplant-it is evangel for advanced cirrhotic patients, and it is indicated the comprehensive technique improvement of our center. £®reporter Wang Gang£©