Triple liver transplants a day! New breakthrough!

    On Feb 13, 2003, three liver transplants were successfully completed in our center simultaneously. It is well-known, liver transplantation is the most difficult and complicated operation in General Surgery, operation technique and peri-operative intensive care is highly demanded for the success. With several years of development, strong medical strength was accumulated both on the hardware and the software. We had completed two simultaneous liver transplants a day before. But, this time, all the three cases were in poor condition before the operation, they were all suffered from end-stage cirrhosis. One of them was undergone two abdominal operations, and the other were complicated with kidney malfunction. All the three transplants began at 11am, and finished at 7pm”«9pm. The operations were uneventful, and the averaged blood loss was 3000ml. The recovery process was also uneventful post-operation. Tracheal tube was removed on the first day for one patient, on the second day for the other two. All 3 cases were transferred from the ICU to common ward on the second day. It was the first time in Beijing to complete three simultaneous liver transplants absolutely depending on self strength, and it was the demonstration of the abundant entire strength of our transplant center. The center will further go ahead towards international level, and develop diversiform liver transplants such as living-related liver transplant, affiliated liver transplant, split liver transplant, etc.