Evangel for liver cancer patients-3 years passed without recurrence for a patient with huge liver cancer mass after OLT

    An HCC patient of our center that received liver transplant 3 years ago was confirmed by routine check-up to survived more than 5 years after OLT without recurrence till now.
On August, 2000, the patient was diagnosed as primary hepatic carcinoma in our center. The liver mass measured 8cm in diameter, and the liver itself was complicated with liver cirrhosis and portal hypertension. Considering the huge size of the liver mass and the malfunction of the liver because of severe cirrhosis, radical hepatectomy was left our of account. The life-span of the patient was estimated no more than 6 months without effective treatment. In view of no signs of distal metastasis, it was possible to prolong the patient's life-span by liver transplantation. Therefore, we completed orthotopic liver transplantation for the patient on August 2000. The post-operational course was uneventful, after the patient completed post-OLT chemical treatment protocol, he returned to normal everyday life and then back to work. Now he is more than 5 years after OLT and is enjoying the happy life with his family