center on developing: 2 simultaneous liver transplants a day for five times

    Liver transplant on a large scale began in late 1990s in our country. Till now, there are hundreds of thousands end-stage liver disease patients benefited from this technique, and liver transplant is accepted by more and more patients and doctors. The number of patients asking for liver transplant is increasing faster and faster. Currently, most of the patients that can accept liver transplant are end-stage liver disease cases, such as advanced liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, acute severe hepatitis, etc. Generally, these patients are usually complicated with liver failure, kidney failure, malnutrition, etc. Therefore, liver transplant is always obligatory in very short time, even emergency. It is required that the hospital engaged in this operation hold mighty comprehensive strength, and can do this operation at any time, can do simultaneous operations at the same time. In our center, there are now 3 professors, 4 associate professors, 6 attending physicians. All the doctors achieved master's or doctor's degree, who posses solid basic knowledge and abundant clinic experience. For years, our center has set up very good relations with department of anesthesiology, ICU, intervention radiology, and all the branch of internal medicine. The comprehensive strength is so powerful that we can successfully manage any kind of emergent event.