Expense decreased-less than $20

000 for 20 consecutive liver transplants

    Liver transplantation is such a complicated treatment procedure, that the expense is far from the bearable capacity of most patients. Usually, it will cost about US$30,000 to US$40,000. Money is the largest obstacle for most end-stage live disease patients. And lots of patients lost their lives before they couldn't afford the operation. In order to relieve the financial burden and to salvage more patients' life, our center try our best to decrease the expense of liver transplant by excelsior management of transplant patients. We found the best way to decrease the expense was to increase the success rate of operation and to cut down the incidence of complications. Thanks to our doctors' and nurses' continuous effort, we managed to decrease the expense of liver transplant to less than US$25,000 for 20 consecutive cases and at the same time acquired almost 100% success rate.