Zhang Tonglin Professor

Director of liver transplantation center of Beijing University Third Hospital
Professor, Tutor of the doctor's degree.
Member of the Chinese Surgeon Association.


Song Shibing doctor

1983.8--1989.7 Beijing Medical University, Bachelor's degree;
1989.8--1991.8 Beijing University Third Hospital, Dept. of General Surgery;
1991.8--1994.7 Beijing Medical University, Medical Doctor's degree;
1994.7--1999.9 Beijing University Third Hospital, Dept. of General Surgery, attending physician;


XiuDianRong Professor Dr.

Professor Xiu Dianrong, male, born in 1964.Engaged in both clinical and experimental abdominal surgery when graduated from the university, that helped to build the solid basis for further study and surgery work. Under the training of the famous hepatobiliary expert Prof.