View of the Garden Façade of the Tucher Mansion in Nuremberg.  
The Tucher Mansion’s Reception Room.

Boastinga legacy of over 500 years of trading experience and a noble family fund established in 1503, the Tucher family is one of Germany’s oldest and most venerable noble families. This family has traditionally focused on the production and trade of cloth, jewellery and wine, and continues to enjoy a significant presence in the European market.

Tucher & Smith Trading Co., Ltd. was set up by the Tucher family and is focused on exporting high-quality European wines, as well as the spread and the popularization of European wine culture. In line with our slogan 'Noble, Heritage, Selection', we are dedicated to introducing Europe’s famous wine to Chinese consumers; building a bridge to establish enduring friendship and trading cooperation between China and Europe.

Tucher & Smith Trading Co., Ltd. has its headquarters in Hong Kong. Guided by the market and focussed on efficiency; development and innovation are our top priorities. We aim to keep improving our brand’s creative culture, management and the quality of our staff, so that Tucher & Smith Trading Co., Ltd. can enjoy healthy and stable growth in every part of China. Following the development of China's economy and the increase in people’s living standards, wine has gradually gone from being a high-end luxury product to something that can be enjoyed by all on a more regular basis. We have opened an outlet in Shenyang in order to meet consumers' demands for high-quality European wine.

Faced with market opportunities and competitive challenges, we work hard on becoming more innovative and integrating the successful experience of Chinese and foreign institutions. Our goal is to see Tucher & Smith Trading Co., Ltd. thrive in tandem with the burgeoning Chinese wine industry and to bring ever-more fine wines from all over the world to Chinese consumers.




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