brief introduction to ShangHai

Shanghai (Shanghai), People's Republic of municipalities, China National Center City, prosperous international metropolis. Located in the Yangtze River estuary, East China Sea, and the Japanese island of Kyushu across the sea, south of Hangzhou Bay, the West and Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces phase, together constitute by Shanghai, China's largest economic zone "Yangtze River Delta economic circle . "Shanghai has a profound modern urban culture and many historical monuments, south of the Wu and Yue culture traditional culture and the integration of Europe, formed a unique Shanghai culture. 2010 World Expo held in Shanghai.

Shanghai is China's most famous commercial city and an international city, is the largest comprehensive industrial city, is also China's economy, transportation, technology, industry, finance, trade, exhibition and shipping center. GDP, ranking Chinese cities (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) in the first, in Asia after Tokyo and Osaka. Shanghai Port cargo throughput and container throughput ranks first in the world, is a good international port Riverside Marina. Shanghai is committed in 2020 into an international financial, shipping and trade center.