Some Basic Data of Ozone for Water and Air Treatments

Data of applying ozone for water treatment
Treated Water Concentration of ozone (mg/L) Infusing time (min) Effectiveness (%)
Aquarium; ponds 0.10~0.05 Constant >90
Bath water 0.1~0.5 Constant >90
Pool water 0.5~1.0 5 >90
Removing odors 0.5~1.0 1 >80
Sterilizing clean water 0.5~1.0 5 >99.9
Sterilizing goods in clean water 1.0~2.0 5 >90
Sterilizing dirty water 2.0~3.0 5 >90
Rinse 2.0~3.0 5 >80
Removing organics 1.0~3.0 5 >30

Application of ozone gas
Field Object Purpose Concentration of ozone( PPM )
House Living room, Kitchen, Locker, Toilet, Basement, Pet Prevent insects (cockroach, tick, housefly, mosquito), prevent infectious diseases of pets; Remove odors; kill bacteria 0.01-0.03
Building Garbage room, toilet Remove odors 0.02-0.5
Hospital Consulting room, Waiting room, Operation room, Passageway Prevent secondary infections; remove odors 0.01-1.0
Livestock industry Pig raising, chicken raising yards Prevent infectious diseases; remove odors 0.01-0.03
Food industry Cooking area, packaging area, dressing room, raw garbage warehouse, toilet, vegetable cleaning Cleaning of (kill bacteria; remove odors) work area, cooking machines and operators 0.01-1.0
Logistics industry Commercial freezing; storehouse; cooling warehouse; truck; cargo ship Prolong the freshness of fruits, vegetables, meats; Remove odors 0.01-0.5