About Us
The story

Barbara Bontempo de Menezes has always had a keen interest in the creative arts. She has been involved in very diverse projects in her home country of Brazil, and more recently, whilst living in the UK, Chile and China. In 2007, together with a friend, they started a small fashion jewelry business in Beijing.

In 2009, Barbara launched her first collection
of high-end fashion accessories under the label
Barbara Bontempo.
The style
Barbara Bontempo proposes a bold way of
accessorizing, laid back and sophisticated in turn, for women who have a well developed sense of personal style and an appreciation for the sheer beauty of genuine pearls and gemstones. Some of the pieces will smartly compliment an outfit whilst others will be the very heart of a whole look. In either case, each piece reflects a fresh interpretation of the diverse aesthetics of the outside world as well as of women¡äs dynamic inner world.
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