Yuliya was born in Russia and raised in Tajikistan, and shes been living in Beijing, China since 2002. Yuliya loves traveling places but home is where your heart is and for now, China IS home!


The idea of starting her own program for moms and kids came when her daughter Alessandra was born in 2009. She tried out several Mommy & Me classes and went to a few playgroups. She feels that this is the perfect job where she can do what she loves: meet new little people who can be play buddies with her daughter, each with a different and unique personality. This is where she can meet new moms and make new friends in a relaxed environment, and where she as a professional instructor and the parents as their children's first educators can contribute to children's development.


Since coming to China, Yuliya has been teaching English to kindergarten kids using a Canadian program based on virtues. She taught at local Primary and Private Language schools and worked as a preschool teacher at International Schools. Although she received a degree in International Business, teaching has always been a part of her life C from age 15 she has been teaching free English and Virtues classes to local kids in her community, and every summer she worked at summer camps as an instructor. In addition to business degree Yuliya obtained TEFL and TESOL certificates, a Certificate in using Multiple Intelligences in elementary classrooms, became a Certified Montessori teacher for ages 0-3, a licensed Kindermusik Educator, Zumba Fitness Instructor, Salsa Babies Instructor and Licensed Owner, and a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (IAIM).


Currently Yuliya is working on a few new and exciting projects for families and studying to become a Pre /Post Natal Exercise Specialist, and Pilates Fitness Instructor.

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