MILSTE -Intelligence on Asia’s Financial Services Industry

MILSTE (Formally Q Intel Research) provides strategic intelligence and market insights for the financial services sector in the Asia Pacific. We also provide customized research that yields the greatest comparative advantage for our clients. We also offer trainings to decision makers in the financial services industry. Our clients are some of the world's largest banks and technology venders.

Latest Insights:

The Psychological and Behavior Makeup of Thai HNWIs

The investment trends and psychological behavior of Thai HNWIs have been slowly changing in the last few years as they become more prone to investing in alternative investments outside of deposits. Although they currently...Read More

Disruption in Securities and Derivatives Operations in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific’s capital market industry is changing rapidly. Regional Asian Pacific banks and security firms are seeking to penetrate neighboring markets and multinational banks are finding new revenue streams...Read More

The Emerging Role of Social Media and Big Data in Malaysia

Malaysian banks are still not optimizing the use of social media to market their products and to gain a deeper view of their customers’ needs, but some of the major banks have started to do so, and have used social media...Read More

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