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Szechuan House is a premier Chinese restaurant conveniently located in central New Jersey.   Our mission is to bring to our customers the truly authentic, elegantly prepared Szechuan-style Chinese gourmet served in an ornate cultural setting with high service standards to our customers.  Our staff aspires to achieve greater customer satisfaction with continuous improvement of quality and service.

With over three decades of experience and awarded the Distinguished Level of culinary professional license in China, our chief chef is a master of Szechuan cuisine with exceptional skills.  From crafting formal state banquets as the personal chef to a former prime minister of China, to preparing a tasty dinner for a casual American family gathering, our chief chef leads an dedicated team to not only adhere to traditional techniques in Szechuan gourmet cooking, but also innovate to meet the demand for healthy food in the modern American culture.   

Our authentic dishes are prepared with spices and seasonings imported from Szechuan, China, as many of our staff are native only to southwestern China.  All processing is performed on the premise with no artificial additives or preservatives added.  Many of our specialty dishes undergo a dozen meticulous steps from start to finish to achieve the authentic palate of color, texture, smell and taste that is renowned in Szechuan cuisine. 

You are welcome to come and join the multitude of diverse customers who have been satisfied by our Szechuan experience.  We strive to meet your expectations with our standards for excellency and our knowledgeable staff.  We will work hard to make your dining experience a memorable one at Szechuan House.    


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