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Parenting Support:

No matter if this is your first baby or your 4th, every mum and baby relationship is different. Whilst the mum of four my be more practised at holding,dressing and settling her baby, she may still encounter situations that she did not previously experience.

First time parents are on a very steep learning curve. Many new parents have read and focused many hours on the pregnancy & delivery. However, the real work begins after the delivery - and that is where I can help.

Services for the baby can include:

Weight & measurement of the baby (to check she is gaining weight appropriately!)
Baby examination
Discussion on care of the umbilical cord
Discussion on rashes, dry skin & baby pimples
Sleep & settling tips
What to expect in the first few weeks
Understanding your baby's tired signals

Services for mum can include:

postnatal check & advice
Emotional wellbeiing & support
lactation support


A new life's journey begins with the arrival of your new baby. As both a midwife and Lactation Consultant, I can help make that journey as smooth as possible.

Many new families admit to feeling overwhelmed at times, with meeting the needs of their new family member, and also overwhelmed with the variable advice from friends, family and strangers. Add to that the many cultural differences in childrearing, and it is no wonder that new parents are uncertain at times.

As both a midwife and qualified Lactation Consultant, I feel I am able to give your supportive, educated advice, to help you understand your baby and his/her needs.

My support will help you to bond more effectively with your new family member, as you begin your exciting new journey as parents.


Please note: I am unable to provide individual birthing support.

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