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helping parents & babies to know more about each other!!!


Having been a nurse & midwife for over 20 years, as well as the mother of 3 growing children, I know how important those first few days, weeks and months with your new baby are.

For some, it is smooth sailing. but for many, the path to fun & enjoyable parenthood is a little more difficult.
As expatriates in Beijing, many of us do not have the family support that would be available to us at home. Bringing home your new baby reinforces how far we are from our extended families. I believe professional and compassionate postnatal care provides real support to mums, dads and their new baby.

I am passionate about helping new mums & dads discover the joys of parenthood. I work closely with mums and babies so they can discover what works for them!! I offer care and support, along with practical guidance to help give you the confidence to care for your new little one.

As an internationally Qualified Lactation Consultant, I am very keen to make breastfeeding as easy as it should be. Initially, some mums have difficulty with positioning and attaching their newborn. Poor attachment can lead to painful feeding, which may lead to giving up breastfeeding too early. I am passionate about helping mums enjoy breastfeeding, with easy, pain-free attachment, so they and their baby can have a long, happy breastfeeding experience together!

Getting out and about in the first few weeks can be difficult, not only due to Beijing traffic, but also to the cultural restrictions experienced here in China.

I offer a home-based visiting service, where I battle the traffic, not you!!

Bronwyn’s Qualifications:

            Registered Nurse (Australia) - B.Nursing

            Registered Midwife (Australia)

            Child & Family Health Nurse

            Graduate Diploma in Applied Science (Neonatal)

            International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)  

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