Timetable for liver transplant outpatients: 8am every Tuesday & Thursday, for blood samples; transplant specialists admitting time: every Wednesday & Friday afternoon.
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Brief Introduction of the Center

Peking University Third Hospital was founded in 1958, directly under Ministry of Health People’s Republic of China. It is a modernized and comprehensive (First-rate of Level three) hospital with medical services, teaching, research, prevention and health care. Altogether 22 clinical departments, 11 medical technical departments, three ICUs are included in the hospital with corresponding 945 beds. Lots of famous experts and professors work here so that its medical services are very advanced.
More than 260 medical professionals with advanced academic and technical titles undertake the responsibility of teaching the domestic and foreign medical students and training domestic post-doctor, doctor, and master talents. At present, the number of empowering centers for doctor’s and master’s degree are 12 respectively and the supervisors are around 130. Besides, it has five research institutes (R.I.of Sports Medicine, R.I.of Vascular Medicine, R.I. of Laser Medicine, R.I. of Spinal Surgery, R.I. of Clinical and Interventional Radiology), five research centers (Occupational Disease R.C., Digestive Disease R.C., Plastic Surgery R.C., Clinical Epidemics R.C., Peritoneoscope R.C.), eight research offices (Liver and gallbladder R.O., Endosecretory metabolism R.O., Reproductive endocrine R.O., Hematology R.O., Ophthalmologic pathology R.O., Hereditary medicine R.O., Radiation sickness and Cancer R.O.), one central laboratory and five department laboratories (Dermatology department, E.N.T.department, Stomatology department, Pharmaceutics department and Pediatrics department). In the assessment of 1989, seven departments were graded as key subjects in Beijing--sports Medicine, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Cardiovascular Medicine, Digestive Department, Plastic Department and Occupational Disease, of which the first four are key subjects in "211"National Higher Education Development Projects" and Sports Medicine and Gynaecology and Obstetrics are national key subjects.
Peking University Third Hospital has been equipped with many sophisticated equipments-CT, SPECT, MRI, new vascular angiography, stereo angiography, color Doppler for heart, abdomen, color ultra sound electronic video camera, ultra sound endoscope, external stone crusher, isotope renography, autobiochemistry analysis machine, radio-immunity test instrument, renal dialysis and laser treatment machine. These advanced equipments are playing a more and more important role in diagnosing and curing various common and complicated diseases.
Peking University Third Hospital will put the patients in the first place and serve the patients whole-heartedly with first-class technology, first-class quality, first-class management and first-class service.
Today, organ transplantation has become the last hope for lots of end-stage disease patients and it has brought a new lease of lives to more and more people. From the 50s of last century, hundreds of thousands patients accepted kinds of organ transplantation and got long-term survival, lots of them went back to normal family and social life. But, liver transplantation is somewhat more complicated than others, it is a kind of systems engineering, demanding the cooperation between several subjects. Therefore, the comprehensive strength and the level of individual subject of the hospital is critical for the development of liver transplantation, that is why Beijing University Third Hospital is one of the few large-scale polyclinics that is able to complete such complicated operation.
The research work of liver transplant was launched in the center early in the 1970s. Doubles of the members of the liver transplant team went to the liver transplantation centers in U.K., United States, Italy, Japan, Australia, etc, for advanced study of liver transplant technique. In May 2000, the clinic liver transplantation was formally started. Thanks to formerly sufficient preparation both theoretically and technically, and the support of the comprehensive strength of Beijing University Third Hospital, the center completed 15 cases at the first half of the beginning year without any peri-operational death. Thereafter, kidney transplantation, kidney-pancreas combined transplantation were developed in succession and achieved excellent results. Now, organ transplantation especially liver and kidney transplantation has become one of the routine operation in the hospital.
In October 2001, under the support of the deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Congress, academician Professor Han Qide, the organ transplantation was finally founded. At present, liver transplantation center has become one of the major departments in the hospital, and one of the advanced liver transplantation centers in Beijing city and China. In December 2005, the liver transplantation center moved into the most advanced and modernized new surgical building which will surely bring much more developmental chance to liver transplantation. But the most important, with the opening of the new surgical building and the fundamentally improvement of the center’s hardware, the center will be able to provide much more professional and first-class medical services to all liver disease patients.
Warmly welcome to our advancing hospital-Peking University Third Hospital and liver transplantation center!

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