Timetable for liver transplant outpatients: 8am every Tuesday & Thursday, for blood samples; transplant specialists admitting time: every Wednesday & Friday afternoon.
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Warmhearted as a family

During May 14-15, 2005, the secondary plenary meeting of the first liver transplantation in China founded by the department of general surgery, organ transplantation center of Beijing University Third Hospital was held in Beijing University Third Hospital. The first liver transplantation was completed in August, 2000, in our hospital, nearly 200 patients were benefited from this operation till now. In order to facilitate the communication between the patients and the doctors, and the patients themselves, improve the life quality of the patients, the first liver transplantation club in China was founded on Sep 8, 2002. And, the first plenary meeting was held at that time.
On May 14, over 30 liver transplant patients from every corner of China, and even overseas took part in the club activity. In the morning, the doctors of transplant took physical exam of all the patients, and performed routine lab and ultrasonography exam for them. In the afternoon, the transplant specialists gave wonderful lectures. Professor and director Zhang Tonglin presided the meeting and delivered warmhearted address. Prof. Zhang said, "Liver transplantation is the only effective treatment for end-stage liver disease, the only choice of treatment to prolong the life-span of the endangered patients. For the sake of improving the transplant patients' living quality, we founded liver transplant club. In order to offer better service to the patients, please take part in the club activities more frequently, please get more touch with us." The lectures delivered in the meeting were mainly about the intermediate- and long-term questions possible encountered after transplantation, including: the prevention of hepatitis B, the use of hepatitis B vaccine, the management of internal diseases, the rationalization of immunosuppressant, the management and prevention of osteopathia, the notes for follow-up. On May 15, according to the exam results, the doctors adjusted the medicine dosage individually, and resolved the patients kinds of perplexities.
This club activity obtained the support of hospital leaders, gained the consistent appreciation of the patients. A patient in the 4th year after transplantation said," by taking part in the club activities, we not only had our actual problems resolved, but also, by joining in this special big family, we had the deeply sense that the doctors and the patients would united together forever as a big family, which fulfilled our confidence in overcoming the liver disease." The lectures as following, Doctor Xiu Dianrong, The prevention of hepatitis B post-OLT Doctor Song Shibing, The rationalization use of immunosuppressant Doctor Jiang Bin, The management of internal diseases Doctor Wang Changming, The osteopathia after organ transplantation Doctor Chen Ning, The hepatitis B vaccine Madam Yang Xiaoxia, Notes for the follow-up

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