Timetable for liver transplant outpatients: 8am every Tuesday & Thursday, for blood samples; transplant specialists admitting time: every Wednesday & Friday afternoon.
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Tenet of the liver transplantation club

 1. To popularize the basic knowledge of liver transplant
Liver transplantation is adopted in our country in such a short time that the public almost know nothing about it, even the medical personnel not major in transplantation knows little about the new kind of treatment. One of the main purpose and also the most important purpose of the establishment of liver transplant club is to popularize the knowledge of liver transplant in the society, enhance the popularization of transplant, and bring the latest news to the patients and the medical personnel. This will finally help the patients to chose the proper treatment measures correctly, improve the effect of liver transplant, and benefit the liver patients, the whole society.
  2. Promote the development of liver transplant in our country
By the regular activities and the efforts of all the related persons, we hope that the club will promote the development of liver transplant in our country, including, the establishment of related regulations, the foundation of the organization of transplant, the admittance of liver transplantation into the system of state medicine, the alleviation of economical burden of the patients.
  3. Enhance the communication among the patients, the doctors, and other related persons
The club will serve as an intermediate to help the communications between the patients, and the doctors. The communications between the patients will help to establish the friendship between them, and to help each other. The communications between the doctors and the patients will help the doctors to know more about the patients' need, to fulfill their demands, and finally perfect the medical services.
  4. To resolve the regular problems post transplant By regular club activities, resolve the common questions post transplant, improve the living quality of the patients, relieve the psychological burden of the patients, strengthen the patients' confidence in overcoming the disease, encourage the patients to join the social activities actively, and make contribute to the society.
  5. Augment the waiting patients' confidence to accept liver transplant and to overcome the existing disease By inviting end-stage liver disease patients on the waiting list to join in the club activities and help them to communicate with other patients that had already accepted a healthy liver, strengthen their confidence in overcoming the disease, and help them to pull through as soon as possible.
  6. Increase the communication between the transplant specialists, improve the effect of the liver transplantation. Since liver transplantation is a kind of multi-subject systems engineering, it's impossible to complete it only by one person or by one subject. Therefore, the club has invited some liver specialists to join in. The club itself will serve as an intermediate to get wide communication between the doctors, the patients and other hepatic specialists. To improve the whole treatment effect of liver transplantation in our country is the final goal of the club.

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