Timetable for liver transplant outpatients: 8am every Tuesday & Thursday, for blood samples; transplant specialists admitting time: every Wednesday & Friday afternoon.
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Liver transplant for HCC

21st century is the century for organ transplantation. For those liver cancer patients, liver transplantation is their only chance to retrieval their lives. Hepatectomy for HCC is the traditional measure to treat liver cancer, but usually with very high rate of recurrence. According to our data of about 40 HCC cases that undergone liver transplantation, 1-year survival rate was about 85.4%, 2-year survival rate was about 61.0%, 3-year survival rate was 40.1%. For those HCC patients that could not be treated by traditional hepatectomy, on the premise of none distal ex-hepatic metastasis, liver transplant is the proper choice of treatment. Combined pre-, and post-operational chemotherapy, some of the patients could be cured.

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