Timetable for liver transplant outpatients: 8am every Tuesday & Thursday, for blood samples; transplant specialists admitting time: every Wednesday & Friday afternoon.
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Follow-up of liver transplant patients

My job as a liver transplant coordinator is mainly to be a bridge between the doctors and the patients, to keep expedite communication, to offer medical services to the patients, but not decision of treatment, and to be the friend of the patients.
The aim of liver transplantation: to bring back the healthy and happy life to the patients; to improve the living quality; re-enjoy the family life and the society, and redound the society.
The factors related to the recovery at the early stage post-operation: the original disease, the concomitance disease, the operation and anaesthesia, the quality of the donor liver, the individualization of the suppressants treatment, and the individual discrepancy.
The factors related to the recovery at the late-stage post-operation: the quality of donor liver, vascular complications, rejection, biliary complications, side effects of the medicine, recurrent disease.
It should be specially emphasized that the patients has to be able to find the abnormalities himself and inform the doctors through the coordinator immediately.
Notes ① self-exam; appetite, abdomen, stool, urine, skin, stength, energy, etc; ③ T tube-quality and quantity of the bile; ④ self-protect: infection; ⑤ house environment; ⑥ working environment; ⑥ keep fine spirit; ⑦ relations to the family members; ⑧ communications with the doctors; ⑨ regular follow-up.
The importance and the content of follow-up: ① the monitor of immunosuppressant concentration; ② monitor of the new liver function; ③ discovery of biliary and vascular complications; ④ disease recurrency; ⑤ rejection; ⑥ side effects of the medicine.
Items for follow-up: blood routine, liver and kidney function, blood sugar concentration, blood concentration of immunosuppressant, hepatitis B or C, ultrasonography of the liver, chest X-ray, AFP, liver biopsy, and so on.
Schedule for follow-up: every month ( first six months post-operation ), every two months ( 6-12 months post-operation ); every 3 months ( 2nd year ); every 3-6 months ( 3rd year and thereafter);
Fax number: 010-62010334
Time for our-patient follow-up: drawing blood sample, 8 am every Tuesday and Thursday morning; See transplant doctors every Wednesday and Friday afternoon.

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